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the main battle gound number 2 - View of Robinson House.jpg
The second in a series of woodcuts depicting the Second Battle of Manassas, this shows the devastated fields after battle. No longer lush with crops, the fields have been laid barren, hurting the livelihoods of local residents only one year after the…

Rallying the troops of bee, bartown, and evans behind robinson house.jpg
This wood cut depicting a charge during the First Battle of Manassas in July of 1861 shows Confederate leaders Bee, Bartow, and Evans rallying the troops. Visible in the background is a small farm, Robinson House Farm. Also located on what is today…

the battle of first manassas.jpg
Manassas was the location of the first battle of the Civil War because of its crucial location at the intersection of two major modes of transportation - roads and railroads. Located at the confluence of Warrenton Turnpike and the Alexandria and…
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