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Homemade dishes, colonoware is a low fired unglazed dish which is thought to have African origins.

These pieces are used in a traditional Nigerian problem solving game called Mankala.

Blue Bead.jpg
This bead was found at Nash House, the site of an African American church which the Robinsons may have attended. Beads like this were used as a part of traditional African “minsiki” spiritual bundles.

With the 1926 renovation to their home the Robinsons built a new structure rather than adding to the original house. Creating a two story frame home with two rooms per floor the Robinsons also added improvements like indoor plumbing at this time.…

Again adding onto his original home, another wing was added to Robinson House. As Robinson's wealth and family continued to grow throughout the nineteenth century so too did his home.

1871 was the first time that Robinson expanded his home. Using funds received from the federal government for damages incurred during the Civil War, Robinson was able to rebuild and expand his home. The original structure was rebuilt along with a two…

Built on land purchased in 1840, the Robinson's original house was a one room, 400 square foot simple structure. Small even for the standards of the time, the house itself was so small because Robinson, his wife, and their children would spend most…

James Robinson Southern Claims Commission Testimony 1872.jpg
In order to receive payment for damages to his property sustained during the war, James Robinson filed a claim with the Southern Claims Commission (SCC). In addition to providing proof of damages a large part of receiving compensation was proving…

the main battle gound number 2 - View of Robinson House.jpg
The second in a series of woodcuts depicting the Second Battle of Manassas, this shows the devastated fields after battle. No longer lush with crops, the fields have been laid barren, hurting the livelihoods of local residents only one year after the…

Rallying the troops of bee, bartown, and evans behind robinson house.jpg
This wood cut depicting a charge during the First Battle of Manassas in July of 1861 shows Confederate leaders Bee, Bartow, and Evans rallying the troops. Visible in the background is a small farm, Robinson House Farm. Also located on what is today…
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